A sports and muscle massage gel that enhances the recovery of muscles and joints.

From Our Customers

"I have used many muscle and joint Gels both for sports and general use for muscle and joint problems Albmaleaf in my opinion is the best."

Dr.Andrew Wilson - GP


Who We Are

Founded in 2002 by locally renowned Sports and Remedial Therapist, David Jackson, Albmaleaf has developed since this time by harnessing the power of natural and organic essential oils. In fact, the name Albmaleaf was inspired by the essential oils contained within it of Aloe Vera gel, Lavender, Black Pepper Oil, Marjoram and Eucalyptus oils.

As a practicing Therapist, David preferred to use natural products with his clients but didn’t find what he was looking for on the market. Having trained in the use of essential oils, David developed the winning formula of Albmaleaf. As a former County athlete, David wanted a natural gel form that could be used as a pre and post-exercise muscle gel as well as a general massage gel to assist in the relief of muscle spasms and tension. Having tried alternatives that often leave skin irritated, the use of quality essential oils have added benefits to the skin:


Aloe Vera - well known for its cooling properties to soothe many skin conditions;

Lavender oil - rich in antioxidants helping to calm inflammation;


Black Pepper Oil - creates a warming effect on the skin and soothes muscles penetrating beneath the skin’s surface for lasting effects;


Marjoram - an aromatic herb that has several benefits including reduction of inflammation;


Eucalyptus - a native of Australia and used to treat wounds and prevent infection. It can be used to fight inflammation and promote healing;

Peppermint Oil - relieves muscle spasms and cramps.

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Albmaleaf has been found to be effective by many customers and athletes. 


The results speak for themselves. It has been effectively tested by a range of active practitioners and once tried, our customers return for more and recommend Albmaleaf to their friends.


Voted top muscle massage recovery gel in 2009, Runners’ World.

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